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Hey tyler & the rest...

I'm currently wandering through music world. Seems like the word is that it's wise to buy the most expensive assets today. I get the idea that from what the instructions say, there is no 'Change' in price today.

Haven't found anywhere I can paint my tag yet though...

I firmly recomend downloading the tune-generator though. My music sounds awful... For now.

Be sure to add me 'muldran' to your chat list in Music World - I'll do the same with your names :)

See you later...
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the market had a black day yesterday so it was the best time to buy. If you had many assets and didn't sell before the collapse don't sell them before they get over the inicial prize when you bought them or the fall will be worst. I lost around 300.000 fames but recovered and this morning in the 900 position.